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“Small Business and Entrepreneurs Promo” Ends: Jun 18th, 2022

Classes Start in June 2022 

Terms & Conditions

Our offer is available only through or by contacting our elearning dept on  or +1 868 320 4282.

  • This offer cannot be used in conjunction with any other offer. Where we are offering a higher promotional discount on a training course, that discount only will apply. We reserve the right to reclaim discounts where multiple offers have been used on one product.
  • The discounts in our offer are applicable as follows:
    • … 
  • This offer is not applicable to in-house training.
  • The offer is available only on the combination courses that are marked with a promotional banner.
  • The offer is not applicable to any bundle or other non-training combi products.
  • Innovative Computer Training Center Ltd reserves the right to remove training courses from the offer, subject to the availability of trainers. 
  • these Terms and Conditions, the Offer expires on [DATE] at [TIME] (“Closing Date”). 

You will be required to Pay the registration fee of $150.00 TTD for Each Course you are interested in.